PT Solid Gold Berjangka | SU.S. Business Activity Picks Up Pace at Start of Year, PMIs Show

01:42 25 January in Economy, PT SGB, SOLID GOLD BERJANGKA | SOLID GROUP

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Solid Gold Berjangka | The provided information highlights the positive growth in U.S. business activity in January, driven by a robust services sector and a recovery in manufacturing, according to a purchasing managers’ survey. Here are the key points from the report:

  1. S&P Global Flash U.S. Composite PMI: The gauge of activity in both the manufacturing and services sectors, known as the S&P Global Flash U.S. Composite PMI, increased to 52.3 in January from 50.9 in December.
  2. Services Sector Growth: The index for the services sector indicated accelerated growth, rising to 52.9 from 51.4 in December.
  3. Manufacturing Recovery: The manufacturing index turned positive, reaching 50.3 compared to 47.9 previously, signaling a recovery in manufacturing activity.
  4. Exceeding Economist Forecasts: Both the services and manufacturing indices exceeded economists’ forecasts, as compiled by The Wall Street Journal.
  5. Moderate Drop in Manufacturing Activity: Despite the overall positive trend, manufacturers reported a moderate drop in activity, along with disruptions to the supply chain from shipping and adverse weather conditions.
  6. Optimism for the Year Ahead: The report indicates growing optimism about the U.S. economy in the beginning of 2024. Companies are reportedly more confident than they have been since May 2022.
  7. Lower Inflation Boosting Sentiment: Lower inflation is cited as a factor contributing to the positive sentiment, with businesses perceiving a clear path to lower interest rates in the coming year.
  8. Resilient Economic Growth and Waning Inflation: According to Chris Williamson, chief business economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, the survey sends a clear and welcome message of resilient economic growth and a significant decrease in inflation.

In summary, the survey suggests that the U.S. economy is starting the year on an encouraging note, with both the services and manufacturing sectors showing positive signs of growth, and businesses expressing optimism about the future.